Thursday, June 3, 2010

What to do next...

At the end of our meeting yesterday, we talked about my interest in creating and obtaining a frostruder. Two concerns were brought up:

1) How would I utilize the frostruder for the betterment of learning about technology?
2) If I use the frostruder to create my masterpieces of frost (because let's face it, they will be masterpieces) I need to have someone with a food handler's permit make and sell them.

To answer the first concern, I will be frostruding using Frank (of course). In order for Frank to create the masterpieces I have to learn how to render it in a 3D program. This is what I'll be working on this summer. Learning and making drawings so that by the Fall I will be able to create cupcakes/brownies with magnificent frosting creations to sell.

Which in lies the second issue... How am I to sell these without a food handler's permit? Quick and dirty answer would be to get one myself. It's a 28 page read, a 30 min class, and $10 in cash. I figure easing the minds of those concerned over pulled association permits is way better than the tension. :) In the greater scheme of things, this then means that if this whole "college thing" doesn't work out for me I can get a job as a fry cook somewhere. Win.