Thursday, April 22, 2010

Arduino Super Happy Fun Time

We started our evening off with some talk about Discovery Days! For those that don't know, Discovery Days used to be called Open House where the Engineering Departments at the UW showcase themselves. Most of the Engineering departments would not be holding classes that day (except my CSE class! Grrrr) so that students may participate in the event. LearnMakeCupake will be there to show Frank off with his cool new lights and, according to Kevin, has been running smoothly.

The above was written on Thursday afternoon, the day after our weekly Wednesday meeting. Discovery Days is said and done and we're on to continue our project of development in Wearable Social technology.

On Wednesday we had an impromptu arduino session lead by Alexis. The Lillypad and arduino kits had come in and we were overcome with joy. (Pictures incoming) We learned about how to program the arduino to blink. The arduinos use a programming language that needs to compiled tested then uploaded to the arduino.

With the knowledge that we accumulate in the next weeks are so, we hope to develop a system that will bring us closer to Wearable Social Technology.

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