Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Current Happenin's

Life's... a crazy crazy thing. Forgive me for my silence, but between the things of life (in addition to a budding romance) time management tends to fall someplace along the wayside for me to some extent.

Anywho, at our current state of things, we're certainly not at a loss for ideas for what to begin to do (now that we're halfway though our school's Spring quarter). We've considered everything ranging from Electronic Mood-ring-bracelets, to 3-D scanners, to electronic shirts, to touch-screen interactivity. It's wild, and there's some great stuff out there to do, I'd just like to really buckle down and just do it. 

At our last meeting, I think we spent most of the time (plus an extra ~20 minutes) discussing more about what we'd like to do and how we'd like to integrate Chris' touchscreen into it, while at the same time wanting to utilize our Arduinos (especially since we basically just got a few). It was decided that we at the very least should be learning the rudimentary bits of programming in flash, which is the language behind most of Chris' applications making use of his multi-touch-ness. Good idea, but I don't think we solidly decided if we're interacting with the presence of the screen, or is the screen interacting with the presence of individuals...or both? And how? We're workin' on that. And when I say we're workin' on that, I mean to say we're eating homemade Pho at Darivahn's place. ;)

PS: Neil Stephenson's The Diamond Age is basically the future, with regards to Maker Bot Industries. Just sayin. 

Life's good. 

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  1. A budding romance. That is so cute, Alex.