Tuesday, March 9, 2010

As I was sitting at Metrix Create:Space last night, I was in awe at the amount of people there. Meeting Bre Pettis was "wow." Very "geektastic"! He was so down to earth, and sat down with us to troubleshoot our first runs with Frank. How many people can say that?! Take that losers! Bre Pettis touched our Frank. Wait, that didn't sound right. You get what I mean.

As my quarter with LearnMakeCupcake comes to a close I think retrospectively about what I've learned from this group. Yay, I know how to put a MakerBot together!

The people at Metrix Creat:Space: I would list all of them but (feeling like a douche) I've forgotten some of their names and don't want anyone to feel less important than the other, because everyone helped make our learning possible. Having a face-to-face with people who have developed their version of the MakerBot with or without a kit, unlike our fancy shmancy batch 9/10 model, made for the perfect "guerilla learning" session each time we went into Metrix. They've tested their models and passed their knowledge of the trial and tribulations to us. Their demeanor was welcoming, patient and open, which increased my yearning for more. Can you imagine wanting to spend your Saturday night working on electronics in a basement? I can, and have fun doing it.

Alex, Alexis, Cristina, Kate and Kevin have been a constant source of inspiration and geekiness. Throw their names at anyone in the department and they'll tell you, "Ouch," (I'll be here all week! Tip your waiter/waitress!) then they will let you know that we have some of the brightest minds on our department.

Beth, who has led the MakerBot effort, is nothing short of the "most patient person in the world". Thank you.

I still have a video and some pictures to upload... Looking forward to next quarter.

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