Monday, March 15, 2010

Intro to Electronics at Metrix Create:Space

Today I attended the Intro to Electronics workshop (taught by Morgan) at Metrix Create:Space. I created three simple circuits that made an LED light up, fade, and blink. As usual, I fail to see the potential applications of my new technological prowess. It's as if I have no context for the things I am learning. On the bright side, I showed my boyfriend how to make circuits on a breadboard and helped him recreate the simple circuits. Teaching is great way to reinforce your own knowledge. teaching a smartypants like my boyfriend is a great way to learn more--his knowledge of physics helped ground (so to speak) my new practical skills. Anyway, a moment ago I checked Google to make sure I was spelling "breadboard" right and the first Google result was this little video starring none other than Bre Pettis. So if you want a five-minute tutorial on using breadboards for electronics, check it out. I suppose if I need a little help envisioning cool applications for electronics, I know who to ask (Google).


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  2. Kate! We can make cool lighting effects for Frank with the knowledge you gained!

    ** Not liking the fact that I have to resort to deleting my comment to edit. :(