Monday, March 8, 2010

Everything You've Heard is True

I was hanging out with my friend Chad over at the art building today where he's working on an old school model of a Boeing cockpit for his final project in an art class. I picked up some wood scraps that I thought would make nice end stop triggers. I also mentioned to Chad that I had to go to an unexpected research group meeting at Metrix Create:Space because "this guy Bre is in town." Chad was all, "Bre? Bre Pettis? He's in Seattle?!" I was like, "Oh, you know him?" all nonchalant. But I was not faking my nonchalance as I normally do; I truly had no idea who I was about to meet. Of course I knew that Bre founded Makerbot. Of course I knew that. I just didn't know what that meant. And I didn't know everything else he's done.

I'm glad my introduction to Bre was face to face, and that I wasn't starstruck because that's always awkward, isn't it? When I got home, I did a Google search and it pulled up 18,700 images of Bre in like, you know, 1.2 seconds. Including this one of our research group with Bre tonight at Metrix. (We're looking off into the not so distant future when our Makerbot actually works.)

Bre told me we really don't need endstop triggers. He also wrote this amazing blog entry about sharing. I found out from Google that Bre has been a schoolteacher and puppeteer, and I would have liked to ask him about those experiences. Oh well, maybe next time. Until then, I am sure I can read all about it online.

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